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06/11/2017 - أطفال القدس يكتشفون مدينتهم من خلال مشروع "تعلموا عن كثب"

03/11/2017 - إلى مقبرة جبل صهيون، إحياءاً لتذكار الموتى المؤمنين

02/11/2017 - افتتاح أخوية حقل الرعاة في بيت لحم من جديد

30/10/2017 - فرنسيس الأسيزي من خلال كتب حراسة الأراضي المقدسة القديمة

30/10/2017 - إجتماع لمدراء مدارس الأرض المقدسة

26/10/2017 - دعماً للأرض المقدسة: اليوم العاشر للمتطوعين في روما

26/10/2017 - تاريخ 800 سنة: رحلة إلى أصول الوجود الفرنسيسكاني في الأرض المقدسة

23/10/2017 - 800 عام، الأب باتون: "رسالة البابا هي مفاجأة جميلة جداً: لقد أمدتنا بالشجاعة"

19/10/2017 - في "مدينة يسوع"، كفرناحوم، لتذكر معجزاته.

18/10/2017 - 800 عام، المونسينيور بيتسابالاّ: "أرى لدى الفرنسيسكان الكثير من الحماس والرغبة في خدمة هذه المناطق"

17/10/2017 - 800 عام، الكاردينال ساندري: "رسالة الحراسة هي منح العالم بأسره كنز يسوع"

16/10/2017 - 800 عام على الحضور الفرنسيسكاني في الأرض المقدسة، الأب مايكل بيرّي: "حضورنا هو من أجل الإنسانية جمعاء"

13/10/2017 - في القدس: الإرث السوري القديم والمُهَدَّد يعود إلى الحياة

10/10/2017 - النذور الإحتفالية للأخوين كلوفيس وايدواردو في الجسمانية

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Olive harvest at Gethsemane

At the Mount of Olives, place where Jesus prayed, several people from different nationalities gathered for a harvest of a special flavor.

The participants, with different faces, languages, roles and motivations, form a diversified collage. The traditional olive harvest began on Saturday, October 21, at one of the most sacred places in the Holy Land: the Gethsemane garden, on the Mount of Olives.
Here is where Jesus used to pray with His disciples, where He sweated blood before he was captured.

UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Occupied Palestinian Territories
"It is a great privilege. It is my second time here and it is really special to be able to be out in such an extraordinary garden rich in spiritual and political history and to be in the shadow of the old town and the holy mountain.”

Ambassador of Hungary in Ramallah
"Hungary is a Christian country with Christian origins. We want to contribute to such an event here, in the Holy Land, and see a holy place. The Gethsemane Garden is an important part of our common heritage.”

Director of the Hermitage - Gethsemane
"This year, we have a very simple slogan, which is perceived by everyone: Everyone is looking for connection, for a password. Our password is to live in communion with the place.”

Ambassador of Portugal in Palestine
"I believe this teamwork expresses the way humanity should work: together we (can) get to the top."

Therefore, walking amongst the olive trees, it is not strange to see a diplomat working alongside a nun or a volunteer next to a couple of siblings.

This is the third consecutive year that the Franciscans open the doors of the Sanctuary of Gethsemane to anyone who is interested in giving a hand and we hope that this becomes a regular appointment that will inspire them to live, perhaps, an unforgettable experience.

Director of the Hermitage - Gethsemane
"It is possible that here, at the Mount of Olives, Jesus and His disciples also had their own olive harvest, therefore it is also important for us to be in communion with this place to be able to gather and harvest the fruits of eternal life."

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